Top 10 books about Indian families

Sandra Hunter in The Guardian:

Family-on-a-motorbike-013Let's face it: the Indian family is irresistible to readers. Will the grandmother reveal the secret about mad Uncle Arun? Will Preeti go through with the arranged marriage? And what are they going to cook next and where can we get some? But I'm less interested in the sequins and spices than the family tensions that occur due to immigration, an accident or disease, the introduction of a new element or person, or that sense of displacement we've all come across in arriving in a new place and not knowing how time works. I'm always drawn to writers who explore similar themes. So, here are 10 stories about Indian families.

Rich Like Us by Nayantara Saghal

When Ram Surya marries cockney girl Rose and brings her back to India, his first wife Mona and the family are dumped into chaos. Ram doesn't appear to be affected by the conflicts caused by his decision to have two wives. Saghal shows how male selfishness is trumped by the adaptability and strength of women, regardless of tragic outcomes (no spoilers!)

Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee by Meera Syal

I'm a big fan of Syal's work as a comedian, so, I devoured her novel about British-born Indian women with successful working lives who then “morph into obedient wives and self-abnegating mothers the moment they come home”. The story jumps off the page and drags you in so that you feel like you're running around London with Sunita, Chila and Tania.

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