3QD Arts & Literature Prize Semifinalists 2014

The voting round of our politics and social science prize (details here) is over. Thanks to the nominators and the voters for participating.

So here they are, the top 20, in descending order from the most voted-for:

  1. Art_Literature 160 semifinalist 2014View from Elephant Hills: Trophies 101: a year of books and bookstores
  2. The Millions: The Fictional Lives of High School Teachers
  3. 3 Quarks Daily: On Reading Emerson as a Fourteen-Year-Old Girl
  4. Medium: The Death of the Urdu Script
  5. 3 Quarks Daily: European Crime Fiction – Mini Reviews
  6. 3 Quarks Daily: San Francisco and the Storm of Progress
  7. Gilded Birds: Michael Rosen
  8. 3 Quarks Daily: Mental Illness, the Identity Thief
  9. Gilded Birds: Kwame Anthony Appiah
  10. 3 Quarks Daily: Industrial Township-ness or How I learnt to be Bourgeois
  11. Paris Review: Drinking in the Golden Age
  12. 3 Quarks Daily: Haiku and Landays in Science
  13. 3 Quarks Daily: Digging Up Bones or, The Labyrinths beneath Our Feet
  14. Los Angeles Review of Books: How Auden Was Modified in the Guts of the Living
  15. Northeast Review: Mofussil Junction
  16. The Nation: Breaking the Cycle of Anger
  17. Writing Without Paper: Metastatic ~ A Cento (Poem)
  18. 3:AM Magazine: Honest work: an experimental review of an experimental translation
  19. 3 Quarks Daily: The Short Bus *
  20. n + 1: Everywhere and Nowhere *
  21. New Savanna: What's Photography About Anyhow? *

* There is a three-way tie for last place, hence there are 21 entries.

The editors of 3 Quarks Daily will now pick the top six entries from these, and after possibly adding up to three “wildcard” entries, will send that list of finalists to Mohsin Hamid for final judging. We will post the shortlist of finalists here on this coming Monday, June 16, 2014.