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  1. 3 Quarks Daily: Can America Survive What Our 1% And Their Useful Idiots, The GOP And The Dems, Have Done To Us?
  2. 3 Quarks Daily: Enduring Sharedom
  3. Abandoned Footnotes: Francisco Franco, Robust Action, and the Power of Non-Commitment
  4. Another Amateur Economist: Walmart, Oligopoly and Community Economy
  5. Committee on the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing: What’s the Matter with Artificial Intelligence?
  6. Corey Robin: Jews Without Israel
  7. Family Inequality: State of Utah falsely claims same-sex marriage ban makes married, man-woman parenting more likely
  8. Forbes: How Putin Invented The New Authoritarianism
  9. Huffington Post: Love in the Syrian Revolution
  10. In Search of Enlightenment: Ottawa Talk on “Bridging the Gap”
  11. Los Angeles Review of Books: I Am Malala : The Girl Who Stood Up For Education and Was Shot by the Taliban
  12. Monkeypicked Aspie: Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky and Me
  13. New Economic Perspectives: Bow down to the Bubble: Larry Summerian Endorses Bubbleonian Madness and Paul Krugman Embraces the Hansenian Stagnation Thesis
  14. Open Democracy: A Cuban Diary
  15. Oxford Human Rights Hub: Malaysia’s Dangerous Path Towards “Allah”
  16. Pandaemonium: In Defense of Diversity
  17. Religious Left Law: Hugo Chávez and Chavismo: The Venezuelan Transcendence of Neo-Liberalism
  18. Save the Post Office: Betrayal without remedy: The unwinding of the Postal Service
  19. Social Pulses: Democratic Austerity: Semi sovereign states, semi sovereign peoples
  20. The Belgravia Dispatch: An Epidemic of Putin Derangement Syndrome
  21. The New Yorker: The Trial of Pervez Musharraf
  22. The Philosopher’s Beard: Britain’s sudden and bizarre resentment of migration
  23. The Philosopher’s Stone: How to Do History
  24. Unreported: The Poster Boy For Unending War
  25. U.S. Intellectual History Blog: Gramsci, Our Contemporary, Part II
  26. U.S. Intellectual History Blog: History, Memory, and THE ACT OF KILLING
  27. U.S. Intellectual History Blog: How American Studies Matter
  28. U.S. Intellectual History Blog: Not Everyone Wants to Hear Lee Atwater Sing the Blues
  29. U.S. Intellectual History Blog: Signs of the Times
  30. U.S. Intellectual History Blog: Thinking Like a Gramscian Historian: An Introduction, a Provocation, and Guide to the Basics
  31. Whispers of Satan: Keeping Ukraine Together
  32. XPostFactoid: What if the (Republican) dog catches the Obamacar(e)?