Friday Poem

Invited In
God. . . interesting, keeping
bees in your kitchen . . . why
not I guess when you've got so
many flowers around . . . they
certainly make a warm sound,
I said a warm sound . . . well,
loud really, yes I'd love some
tea, where should I put my
coat? I wouldn't want to smother
any, you're sure they never
sting even when they crawl
on your bare arms like that? No,
I'm not afraid . . . smoothly,
move smoothly, I understand, it
feels like 90 degrees in here . . .
and busy of course, I guess you
never feel lonely with this going on,
you do? How could you? And your
goldfish! I've never seen tanks
used as room dividers. Is it
okay to walk right in the pool
like that? no, I can see it's
shallow, but wait till I take
off my shoes and socks. An odd
place to have your table all
the same. How many kinds of
flowers have you ah!
I think I stepped on a fish,
no, ah-ah-ah! it was just
caught between my toes, even
when they're in your hair
they don't sting? Just some
milk please. Lovely croissant.
And when the fish cluster
around our chairs like this?
of course, they expect crumbs,
I know, I know, smoothly, but
how can you sit still with them
nibbling your feet? I keep
thinking it's jazz on your
stereo, I said I keep thinking
you've got some fabulous jazz
on your stereo
. . . god,
I'm in love with you.
by John Steffler