Wednesday Poem

Snow Angel Haiku

Wrapped in layers
Of gortex and angora,
Carving snow angels.

First snowflakes fallen,
Her tongue searches crystalline
Darkness for their kiss.

Coltrane softly wails
Desperate to tell his tale,
Long winters release,

Fire in the black
Hearth smolders pink orange flame
Wet boots slowly dry.

We read books entwined
Faux fur throw lulls us to sleep
Snow angels whisper

Songs delicate like
Lace, dynastic porcelain
Painted with flower blossoms.

Mindful transgression
Liquid time measured in flakes
Unique as thumbprints.

We float over wind-
Swept beaches littered with shells,
Sand Pipers skim waves.

Morning arises,
Fresh snow lights the sky with dew.
Hope eternally.

by Eric J. Weiner