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In the last year we have been approached by several large and well-known media conglomerates who have offered to take us under their financially secure wings but, though the offers were tempting, we have decided that it is more important for us to be completely independent and not beholden to anyone.

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We know you like 3QD (and we are extremely flattered) because you have just told us so. I am appending some of the comments we got in our recent survey after this note. Thanks so much for your generous support as always.



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Some reader comments from our recent survey:

To me, 3QD clearly demonstrates the value of intelligently curated content on the web, relying of course on informed and curious editors.

Good site, I especially like Jim Culleny's poetry.

You're the best on the internet.


I love your website!

Thank you very very much! Such a fantastic website. You are my portal into what's going on in the world regarding science & the humanities.

I very much appreciate the work you do.

I always find something interesting to read here.

Hard to mix arty and sciency, but you guys do a decent job!

Thanks for finding such fantastic articles!

Thanks so much for the awesome job you guys have been doing in widening my horizons.

I find stuff here I wouldn't find easily on my own.

Thanks – you run an eclectic and informative and interesting site.

I enjoy the broad mix of science, religion and art, literature and politics on your site – primarily as it usually comes from beyond my normal cultural interactions.

Keep up the good work.

I truly appreciate this site.

Keep up the great work!

This site is the best! Don't sell out!

Though your website is so seductive that i am defaulting on my job, it is the best thing that happened to me this year.

I can't imagine starting a day without first coming to this site.

I love the site – it's intelligent, unique, and international; you're doing a terrific job!

Yer doin a great job. You guys are an intellectual island in a great vapid sea – Thanks!

3QD is my favorite website.

3QD became one of the wintows into the world to me.

Always Impressive colletction of items to ponder…wish I had more time…Keep up the good work.

I love your site & I greatly appreciate the time & work you put into it! There's always something interesting to read.

I like the variety of topics covered.

You have a perfectly beautiful site, rich in information, wide in scope.

You are doing a really great job, I very much appreciate the variety of your posts!

I'm an American who's been living in South Asia for several years and I really appreciate the coverage of South Asian cultural and political issues from a sophisticated point of view.

I'm also German-speaking and I love the occasional German-related topic!

Love the site; in particular, the combined issues of the humanities and science.

Thanks for some great reading.

You know what you're doing. No complaints from me.

Love 3QD.

Keep up the South Asian and international content.

I also read a Dutch newspaper, the best available I think, but lately I've been thinking that my reading through 3QD provides me with a better grasp of contemporary reality; at least outside of the Netherlands.

The only detail that I might doubt is the 'gossip' label on your masthead, right between politics and philosophy. As far as I can tell, you do not post much gossip. And I'm not suggesting that you should post more.

Love the site and the sentiment behind it.

Thanks for all these years of education and entertainment In this mostly vapid cultural epoch.

I appreciate a cupbord with lots of chewy stuff in it.

You're my favorite website out of the 15 – 20 that I visit frequently.

Thanks for all you do. Carry on fearlessly.

3QD has been detrimental to my book reading!

Thank you for separating the internet chaff from the internet grain.

You're running the best website in the world.

Your site is like a new Mexican food place, so good I really don't want to let people know about it for fear it will be spoiled.

Great site, wonderful intellectual orgasm.

Keep up the dedicated work… you are an oasis of reason, in international politics, science, art, music and more.

Thanks for a consistently interesting, informative, and fun site!

3QD adds much to my life.

I believe it is helping to keep my aging brain in better shape.

I find that I read it more frequently and thoroughly than newspapers.

“You” are a talented team and I'm grateful to Mr. [Mohsin] Hamid for leading me to your site.

I think you rock.

Your site is still a breath of fresh air — esp. due to the mix and the consistent selection of good visual illustrations for moving into each piece.

3QD has a way of making me feel less alone in the world. Seriously. It's the best website I know of.

I visit many times a day, recommend you regularly, and love the site as it is.

You guys save me so much time finding great articles!

I love 3qd.

Thanks for doing it.