Will Netanyahu learn his lesson?

Carlo Strenger in Haaretz:

ScreenHunter_427 Nov. 29 19.55Two events should wake up Benjamin Netanyahu from his illusion that he can dictate the Free World’s policies on crucial matters. Firstly, Israel almost lost participation in Horizon 2020, the most important research cooperation with the EU in recent Israeli history because Netanyahu’s government at first refused to comply with the EU’s guidelines of not funding institutions or projects beyond the Green Line.

Secondly, the world powers have signed an interim deal with Iran that Netanyahu has ferociously opposed. His demand had been that no deal was acceptable that doesn’t completely dismantle Iran’s uranium enrichment capacity, and the agreement signed tacitly accepts Iran’s right to enrich uranium to a low level.
These two incidents have something in common. They raise the question to what extent Israel can expect to force its views onto its closest and most important strategic allies, the U.S. and Western Europe, and what the price is of trying to do so.

There is growing tension between Netanyahu and his hardline coalition partners who subscribe to the Biblical description of the people of Israel as “a people dwelling alone, not reckoned among the nations.”

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