Wednesday Poem

A Fox
A fox knows,
on this sunny desloate field,
that it is all alone.
Therefore, it also knows:
it is a part of the field
and the whole of it as well;
it could be wind or withered grass,
and then a beam of light
on this fox-colored desolate field;
it is a shadowy existence, as if all or nothing.
It knows it runs like the wind
and that it runs faster than light.
So it believes
it is no longer seeable.
The invisible is running while thinking.
Only the thought is running. Before it knows it,
the daytime moon rises above the desolate field.
by Shinjiro Kurahara
from Iwana
publisher Dowaya, Tokyo, 2010
translattion Mariko Kurihara, William I. Elliott, Katsumasa Nishihara