Friday Poem

Hidden Trap

Street magician called everyone
Come, come see my tricks.
His son plays an old dram
But not rhythmic, like their life.
The magician had few snakes,
In his bamboo vessel.
And his aim hides in tricks
In the road, people don t mind it.
Magician loudly call again and again
Come and see lot of tricks.
Some people attend his verse
And they are waiting for magic.
He played some old tricks,
At lag end he displays few anklets.
And sell with slick offer.
Wear it for good future and get fortune
He trade on the people in second.
We are the victim of street magicians,
They vend us very tactically.
Someone told us adagio,
Present world fast and terrible

by Nandakumar Chellappanachary
from Thanal Online