Friday Poem

Matriot Acts, Act 1 (History of Mankind)

you no longer believe in anything

movement of train, mauve waves

grammar's anomie

gets you down or

war at the back and crown of head

PsyOps, o chicken little the sky! the sky!

o the fallen sky an edge of blue

hanging but

still breathing those colors?

a garden broken & restored many times

how often trying to leave it, bend away

words from that beautiful throat

listen or break or oscillate or

clamor as opposed to "read about"

could you be my model human being

up there on the dais?

o you, she...maybe he's the one

& we came back from the cinema

glow behind our tears

and you saying a woman, a woman!

how tragic to be such slender thread of a woman

where was I being led?

more people thick in space

in constant motion

twisted around a clock

solar wind, solar heat, sociable matrix

it's an atavistic mixed-up dream

and stirs the branches

high in Freedom Park

it was the voice of a desultory fragment

of speech now, talking about "state" and "union"

how darkness turns at the wrist


by Anne Waldman
from History of Mankind