Parking Structure 9 Santa Rosa, Ca, 2007

Ned Kahn. Parking Structure 9. Santa Rosa, Ca. 2007.

“A series of stainless steel cables stretched across the space between two circular access ramps of a parking structure. Hanging from the cables are approximately 20,000 small mirrors that move in the wind and bounce beams of sunlight onto the architecture and pavement below. Resembling a series of parallel spider webs, the artwork is visible from many vantage points inside the parking structure and the courtyard below. Intricate patterns of light and shadow, much like the pattern of sunlight filtering through a canopy of trees in a forest, sweep across the ground throughout the day and change with the wind.”

Since I have selected a possibly less glamorous piece to show here (for personal aesthetics :)), do check out as much as possible here, here, and here.