Wednesday Poem

Two Poems:

I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder
why it is not so.

For ages and ages, for billions of years
we have been living in the sunlight
that is so clear
We have been breathing air
that is so clear
We have been drinking water
that is so clear

Why then
haven’t we and
what we do come
to some clarity?


Every time I look at my hands
with my fingers open on my lap
I am moved

Tiny fingers are
as if they were petals
of the flowers
that bloomed in me

They look proud
They look happy
snuggling with each other

As if they had never been forced to do
anything mean
anything despicable
by me

by Michio Mado
translation: Takako Lento
from Masters of Modern Japanese Poetry

The Morris-Lee Publishing Group,
Rosemont, New Jersey, 1999