Sunday Poem

Some People Have No Respect For Our Belief

Jesus I learned you lived and lived
Jesus we heard you died and die
Jesus I see them painting of you so white
Jesus I hear them sing, you lackey of God they sang.
Jesus I know people today use you wrong
they came with guns in hand
shot our minds with
untrue words
Black – the meaning of sin
Black – the heathen savages
Black – the false, the lies
Black – the inhuman without a home and culture
These pink skinned people say “You light of God”
and make us wash black sins to be close to white.
O, Jesus, if so you were true
You were black
fighting against a white regime.
O, Jesus, they tear away our hearts
that yell for Nature
They will do things of tension, fear, control,
death, brutality and murder to our Aboriginal people’s
Why they must do this O, Jesus, this once Jesus
All in the name of you
Jesus Christ
“Offering, offering, hear the pennies fall
Everyone for Jesus, the Church shall have them all”

by Lionel Fogarty
from Kargun
publisher: Cheryl Buchanan,
North Brisbane, 1978