Steve Jobs is a biological Arab-American with roots in Syria

Mohannad Al-Haj Ali in Ya Libnan:

Steve-jobs1 The creative mind of Steve Jobs is often chronicled, including his life story as the adopted child of a modest American family.

What most fail to realize is that his living biological father is of Syrian origin. Abdul Fattah “John” Jandali emigrated to the United States in the early 1950s to pursue his university studies. Most media outlets have published little about Jandali, other than to say he was an outstanding professor of political science, that he married his girlfriend (Steve’s mother) and by whom he also had a daughter, and that he slipped from view following his separation from his wife.

An American historian, his distance from the media.What is known about him lacks detail, and is both one-sided and a source of however, has now stirred controversy over the role of genes and their superiority over nurture in the case of Steve Jobs, by describing Jandali in a detailed critical article published briefly on the Internet before it was suddenly removed, as “the father of invention”, given that Jandali’s daughter Mona (Simpson) – Steve’s sister – is also one of the most famous contemporary American novelists and a professor at University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA).

The 79-year-old Jandali has deliberately kept curiosity at the same time. Here is his story as Jandali himself told it to Al-Hayat.

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