Friday Poem

Besides the Bible
there are other books
Besides the Koran

It's not good to be cooped-up in any one book during the winter
of our discontent: cabin fever.
………………………………… –Roshi Bob

The first homo sapiens is
we aborigines.
The different ideas ’bout origins
only you running human like people
present state
This old naturally wise earth
not their scientific knowledge
Brothers million love remains
outside nowadays
But savage are there commonly believed
Theory of evolution we developed
things living as original forms of lifes.
Sisters modern human existence
not in there mixed.
Come brief kindly born earth
making scientist naive
the related common ancestors.
maps are in your sapiens
unwise species.
Don’t we create spirits
the first and everlasting two
every Murri distribution of wealth
we done in this country
so we mustn’t pay tax
on our homing wealth
that stays within.
We are the first or last
human being
homo sapiens, aborigines
Well tell we deep
private thoughts.

by Lionel Fogarty
from Ngutji
publisher: Cheryl Buchanan, Brisbane, 1984