Monday Poems

Dear Readers-

Hope you'll forgive a couple of re-runs appropriate
to the day. I've had an over 34 year string of luck
Valentine-wise so posting these again does not
seems out of line.
……………………………………………………. -Jim

—for Pat


Every now and then you’ll say,
I love our life, and I think
what’s not to love,
the sky's here,
sweet water,
food and breath,
family and health
pretty much,
and what goes back and forth
between us
and whatever comes,
good or ill,
being friends we split:

what’s mine is yours
what’s yours is mine—

what in this (with this luck
above all) is not sublime?

Lucky Again

Yesterday today
might never come but
I’m lucky again

It did and here you are
my bulwark against
a stark sea

In the garden you began
years ago in our plot of sand
where little grew but

wild strawberries
close to the ground their
tendrils groping dry earth

we now have hibiscus
with blossoms the size of
dinner plates

and day lilies in colors
of all things that make
death an illusion

For years under your baton
we’ve sown our sand with
death’s stuff

mown grass, dry leaves,
the remnants of meals,
manure of nearby farms

until what was dry is lush
was empty is full
was barren is flush

Today tomorrow
may never come but here
you are and I am

lucky again

by Jim Culleny