A Garden In Shigar

A nice film by young Pakistani film maker Mahera Omar:

A Garden in Shigar from Mahera Omar on Vimeo.

A note from the film maker:

I have a special request. Please vote for my film “A Garden in Shigar” which is competing at the Women's Voices Now film festival in Los Angeles, USA. . It will only take a nanosecond, I promise! Many thanks if you've already voted, but do share with others and encourage (or threaten) them to vote too.

Click on the following link, choose a rating and press the “submit vote” button. You DO NOT have to enter name, address, email, what you ate for breakfast or anything like that at all.


Enjoy the film, and please do leave a comment, even if it's just a “gr8 (or terribly bogus) effort”. Longer sentences will be better as all of this will be used by the judges to do their judging.

Some facts about the importance of your vote:

  • Although the teaching garden has been designed, it hasn't been built yet due to a lack of funds. Your vote could help the film win prize money which would be put towards completion of the garden.
  • The publicity from the film winning an award will help generate additional funds for the next two planting seasons.
  • An added bonus: the winning filmmaker and the subjects of the film (the only five working women in Shigar) will be flown to Los Angeles, USA for the screening in March 2011. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for these women to visit a foreign country.