Friday Poem

Now That I have Cable

now that i have cable i feel
i am able to mainline culture
where before i barely
got a sniff. oh, i was able

to quote yeats or baudelaire or
know the details of the natural
world the way others
knew britney spears and tony

soprano, but the pictures
paled after a while, and i went
to the channels i hadn’t paid to get,
that were scrambled

but not enough so i didn’t
know what i was missing. and
that is why i now get the cubist
cocksuckers’ channel

and why i don’t feel
as if i am on the periphery any more
but i can step right up with my
hungry eyes on britney

and quote french poetry
to her blonde good looks.
if her head is empty, why,
mine is quickly emptying

too, and i say things like
what’s up with that? and everything
seems better, more satisfying
and infinitely more true.

by Robert Allen
from Jacket Magazine
October 2007