Does the moon affect how a wine tastes?

From The Telegraph:

Wine This might sound crazy, but there are those who believe that a wine can taste very different depending on whether or not it is sampled on a so-called “fruit” day or a “root” day – those days in the lunar calendar when water and saps rise or fall. “I was sceptical at first, but then had a eureka moment,” says Jo Aherne, winemaker at Marks & Spencer. “Our wines showed beautifully at a press tasting one day and far less well the next. We couldn't understand it. The wines were all favourites of ours and the bottles were all from the same case. Someone checked the calendar and we found that the first day had been a fruit day, when the wines were expressive, exuberant and aromatic, and the second a root day, when they were closed, tannic and earthy. Further rather unscientific tests have confirmed our view.”

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