Death Penalty: Shehzad should get same punishment as McVeigh

Moin Ansari in Dawn (Karachi):

Faisal The rapid arrest, prosecution, and detention of Mr. Faisal Shahzad and the way it was handled makes us all proud of America and its judicial system. The FBI did the right thing in reading Mr. Faisal Shahzad his legal rights. Mr. Shahzad is no different than Timothy McVeigh or Jeffery Dahmer. American society knows well how to deal with humans and with animals. The FBI did not resort to torture, yet it accomplished its goals–of preventing damage to life and property of Americans, and preventing the escape of “person” who has truly lost his right to call himself human.

Mr. Shahzad should have known that there is no discrimination, or war that justifies the killing of innocent human beings in Times Square. There is no excuse for parking a car laden with murder in the heart of New York. There is no calamity great enough to try to justify the plan to kill the hard working and the innocent in the commercial hub of America. No matter how bad the grievance, there is nothing that can ever justify anyone to take the law in his own hands.

Murder is murder.

There is no excuse for murder.

The Bible says “Thou shalt not kill”. The Quran says “the murder of one human being is like the murder of all humanity”. No religion on this planet allows a human being to target bombs and shrapnel at passersby. commuters, shopkeepers, strollers, women, children and simply people going about their business.

These people have not harmed anyone.

Mr. Shahzad you are not one of us–we are all human beings first–you have fallen below that category. We are all Americans, you sir do not qualify either as a human being, or an American. And for the love of God, you certainly do not qualify as a Muslim.

Don’t even try that—you are not my brother–and we want nothing to do with your credo. You have brought shame to your family, to your country of birth and to America–which was hospitable and generous to you.

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