Saturday Poem

Golden Lines

“Astonishing! Everything is Intelligent!”

Free thinker! Do you think you are the only thinker
on this earth in which life blazes in all things?
Your liberty does what it wishes with the powers it controls,
but when you gather to plan, the universe is not there.

Look carefully in an animal at a spirit alive;
every flower is a soul opening out into nature;
a mystery touching love is alseep inside metal.
“Everything is intelligent!” And everything moves you.

In the blind wall, look out for the eyes that pierce you:
the substance of creation cannot be separated from a word . . .
Do not force it to labor in some low phrase!

Often a Holy Thing is living hidden in a dark creature;
and like an eye which is born covered by its lids,
a pure spirit is growing strong under the bark of stones!

Gerard De Nerval / 1854

translated by Robert Bly