Sean Carroll on his new book, From Eternity to Here

And here's what Seed Magazine has to say about the book:

What is time, and why does it seem to flow in only one direction? These questions are, well, timeless. But thanks to a bonanza of observational data in the last two decades, time has rapidly become a rigorous—if complex—topic of scientific study. Fortunately, people like Sean Carroll exist to provide entertaining, enlightening, and headache-free explanations. In Carroll’s first book intended for popular audiences, the Caltech theoretical physicist delivers a masterful overview of what time is—and what its one-way passage implies about the nature of the universe. Unifying cosmology, thermodynamics, and information science into a refreshingly accessible whole, From Eternity to Here will make you wish time’s arrow could fly in reverse, if only so you could once again read the book for the first time.

Much more info, including other reviews, here.

UPDATE: Sean has written the following message to his friends on Facebook:

I can't objectively recommend that you buy it, as I'm obviously biased. But I can suggest that, if buying it were something you might be tempted to do, you do so today. A great first day on Amazon can do wonders for a book's longer-term prospects. Just one click away:

Thanks, and apologies again for the mass distribution. If you do splurge on the book, we'll be having a weekly book-group discussion at Cosmic Variance:

Hope to see you there!