Richard Dawkins: Jeeves and the Family Tree


ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 26 12.05 “But now, Jeeves, mark the sequel. A fellow at the Drones Christmas party was bending my ear last night over the snort that refreshes. Seems there’s a cove called Darwin who says Genesis is all a lot of rot. God’s been oversold on the campus. He didn’t make everything after all. There’s something called evaluation…”

“Evolution sir. The theory advanced by Charles Darwin in his great book of 1859,

“That’s the baby, Jeeves. Evolution. Would you credit it, this Darwin bozo wants me to believe my great great grandfather was some kind of hirsute banana-stuffer, scratching himself with his toes and swinging through the treetops. Now, Jeeves, answer me this. If we’re descended from chimpanzees, why are there chimpanzees still among those present and correct? I saw one only last month at the zoo. Why haven’t they all turned into members of the Drones Club (or the Athenaeum according to taste)? Try that on your pianola, Jeeves.”

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