I Actually Want All Muslims to Die

Amok-mama Over at Ex-Berliner, Jacinta Nandi on a conversation she has with her ex:

My ex came over yesterday and I asked him what he thought about the Minaretten-Verbot.

“What Minaretten-Verbot?” He asked.

“You know,” I said, “the Swiss people holding a referendum and deciding to ban minarettes on their towers for no other reason than being totally fucking racist.”

“Not everything is racist, Jacinta,” he said carefully. “You think everything is racist? But a referendum can't be racist – it's the people's decision. The people have decided.”

The thing is, in German the word for referendum is Volksentscheid, the people's decision, so what he said made a bit more sense in German, but I'll be honest, okay, I was looking at him and thinking about trains headed in the direction of Poland.

“Unless the people decide something racist….” I said.

He laughed, then. “It's up to the Swiss to decide,” he said. “Maybe they really hate those funny-looking little towers.”