Have yourself a very merry black Friday

From Salon:

Gifts Do not take the misanthropic title of “Scroogenomics” at face value. Consider that the subtitle, “Why You Shouldn't Buy Presents for the Holidays,” doesn't apply to the beloveds on your “nice” list. And for God's sake, pay no attention to the child sobbing atop a red-wrapped package on the book's cover. Author Joel Waldfogel doesn't want to harsh on your holidays. In fact, he wants to make them better. In his sane, reasonable and conveniently stocking stuffer-size new book, the Wharton School economist elaborates on what those of us on a first-name basis with the folks at the return desk already know — that the glut of holiday overspending is a drain on both the wallet and the ho ho ho spirit. But the book is no polemic; it's a study in retail trends, spending and debt habits, and a simple call for a better use of our money than Itty Bitty Book Lights for people we barely know.

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