Science by the book


Science Science books used to show dinosaurs exclusively in shades of scaly green and brown. Books about the solar system used to list just nine planets, and books about the subatomic world didn't go much farther than protons, neutrons and electrons. As times have changed, so has the science – and so should science books. Just in time for holiday giving, here's a selection of books for kids (and grownups) that incorporate recent developments on the scientific frontiers.

The solar system is usually a crowd-pleaser among the kids, and our perspective on our own cosmic neighborhood has changed quite a bit in the past few years. “The New Solar System” by Patricia Daniels, which came out in August, reflects all those changes – including the shifting views on what it means to be a planet. That shift is also reflected in two children's books that take a wide stance on the planethood question: “11 Planets” by David Aguilar and “Ten Worlds” by Ken Croswell. What's a parent to do? I address that in my own newly published book about the solar system shift, “The Case for Pluto.”

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