Concept Art Offers Peek at Tim Burton’s Twisted Mind

From Wired:

Art Recently released images from Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland adaptation reminded moviegoers that the quirky London-based director possesses one of the most extravagant visual vocabularies of any filmmaker now working. Underscoring that fact, New York’s Museum of Modern Art kicks off a Tim Burton retrospective Nov. 22 with a collection of 700 art pieces produced by the goth maestro over the past three decades.

As a companion piece, the auteur behind fantastical spectacles Mars Attacks!, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman and a host of other morbidly twisted movies is publishing The Art of Tim Burton, a 434-page tome packed with drawings, doodles, paintings and evocative concept art dating back to Burton’s teen years in Burbank, California. “Most of what appears in this book was never intended to be seen by anyone,” Burton writes in a preface to the book, noting that his collaborators sorted through “40 years of notebooks, scraps of paper, napkins, etc.” Author and co-editor Leah Gallo writes that Burton’s intention is “to allow his fans a broad look inside his private pages.”

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