Americana That Barack Obama Has Made Un-American

John Cook at Gawker:

It's been getting kind of confusing keeping track of what's truly American anymore, so we came up with a handy list of things that are socialist and foreign because Barack Obama has soiled them, by doing them.

Winning the Nobel Peace Prize
Used to be a win for America back when Henry Kissinger won it. Now it's a sign of a “weakened, neutered U.S.,” unless John McCain had won it, which he should have, in which case it would have been awesome.

Bo is a ringer, a fake rescue dog who was personally raised by Ted Kennedy for the Obamas and the press won't look into it because they're too busy writing about how cute he is. And he's Portuguese!

That's where kids get indoctrinated. Keep them away.

Community Organizing
What sort of person helps other people?

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