Friday Poem

In Flight

after a day of talking too much
one moment of solitude
not quite silence

parked for the night behind Rip's Hotel
en route to the bay on Route 301
mountainous trucks a warring of noise

but nobody talking here no TVs
lawn spring-green to harlequin woods
in the warm end-of-October sun

I perch on the Subaru tailgate
open a $1.25 carton of soup
sweet-and-sour to ease the throat

and consider every spoonful
(the fortune cookie message reads
Lions on a Hunt Don't Roar)

then a vee of Canada geese
flies querulous overhead until
all at once they still their wings

lose altitude over an unseen marsh
and twenty-four dark-gray angels
in silence vanish into the dusk

by Elisavietta Ritchie

from Delaware Poetry Review, Vol. 2 No.1, Sept. 2008