Thursday Poem

I love intellectual discourse, so don’t hold back.
Unleash your Wittgenstein. I Adorno.
Taste the Hegel on the lips, let Decartes
be an acrobat on the tongue. Let us be,
light-headedly, Spinoza, Saussure.
May Foucault suggest the unspeakably dirty.
Let us Schopenhauer until we are flushed.
Lacan will lead the way
to where we can lay together.
I’ll caress your Voltaire, run my fingers
along your Derrida, play with the curls
of your Kristeva. Drink in the perfume
of Deleuze and let James surprise us
with his firmness until we Kafka in fits.
Let the strap of your Nietzsche fall
from your shoulder.
We’ll Freud like Wilde animals,
drench ourselves in Brecht, and collapse
into Kierkegaard, our Jaspers wilted,
gasping for Camus.

by Brian R. Young
from Barn Owl Review, #1, 2009