Ya Hussain! Iran stands on the brink of a bloodbath


ScreenHunter_07 Jun. 19 18.01 As you can tell from my increasingly frequent postings on Iran here at 3QD, I have become more and more caught up in the current events there. I grew up in a Shia religious household in Pakistan and one of the standard things we did in Moharram while commemorating the seventh-century AD martyrdom of Imam Hussain, was to ritualistically proclaim our wish that we had been in Kerbala with him and his extended family, and died with him as he opposed the illegitimate and brutal, but supposedly “Islamic” government of Yazid. Though I am no longer religious, at the present instant, in my frustration that we who are not in Iran can supposedly do nothing, I feel something of the sentiment behind that ritual chant: at this very moment, I tremble with the eagerness to be with my brothers and sisters in Iran who are peacefully resisting the illegitimate government of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad, and who are about to be slaughtered.

Let the rest of the world no longer remain quiet and hope that by doing so, we will protect the brave forces of change from charges of being allied with foreign interests who are meddling in Iran. The time to remain silent is over. It is time to take sides, AND to urge our governments to take sides. I am a US citizen, and I will use every means at my disposal to push my government to make sure that they let the government of Iran know in no uncertain terms that they will be held accountable and punished if the innocent civilians and the brave youth of Iran are attacked, killed, or injured in any way. I hope you will, too. It is NOW the time for the desperate, weak, and lying government of Iran to know that not only their own children, but the world is against them.

If you don't yet understand the urgency of this moment or the imminent savagery that awaits Iranis, have a look at some of the Twitter messages coming out of Iran (all other media are too heavily censored, or completely blocked) that are appended below this note. This is NOT a matter of supporting any Western or other interests, it is a matter of supporting the courageous hopes and defiant dreams of freedom of the Irani masses. This collection of Tweets comes via Andrew Sullivan (whom I proclaim an honorary Shia for his extraordinary decency, humanity, skill, and good moral judgment in covering the post-election crisis in Iran!).

Do something now! Write to whitehouse.gov or your representative. Do something! NOW! NOW! NOW!

Death to tyranny! Long live Iran!

Yours ever,


Recent Tweets from Iran:

In Iran, Friday Prayers are rallying toward Hashemi Rafsanjani's office. They calls him “Head of Devilry”.

Maryam Ameri central party headquarters was arrested Mehdi Karroubi [Google translation]

is called Tajzadh, Amin Zadeh, Rmzanzadh, Abtahi and other detainees severely confession fabricated for television are under pressure [Google translation]

hold Quran and cite Quran 8.61 “If they seek peace then seek you peace” Shame them into peace!

Protest with the Quran in your hand, sit down if they attack, while citing the Quaran 8.61, Use Gandhi method

Khamenei had declared war, but Green must remain calm and continue silent rallies.

@PerezHilton aww that's so sweet! Thanks! From Tehran 😉

unconfirmed reports – Revolutionary Guard has been mobilised to secure Tehran

Dear UN & NGOs, why is Iran allowed to butcher civilians without even a word from you?

The situation in Iran is now CRITICAL – the nation is heartbroken – suppression is iminent

Pls:Mousavi:PEOPLE OF THE WORLD: We need help and sourvernity, today it turned out we need it more than ever.

Imprisoned bloggers: Mohammad Ali Abtahi. Mhsaamrabady, Arghndh Karim Pour, Emad Bhavr, Shyvanzrahary, Mohsen and Mojtaba Poor Somayeh Tvhydlv [Google translation]

Mousavi spox Makhmalbaf says 7OO campaign workers and advisors have been arrested, he is 2O% free, 8O% under house arrest