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  1. 2020 Science: Blogging the demise of science journalism
  2. 2020 Science: Cultural Smokescreen
  3. 3 Quarks Daily: A Scientist Goes To An Ashram For A Personal Retreat
  4. 3 Quarks Daily: Giambattista Della Porta of Naples: How to Turn a Woman Green
  5. 3 Quarks Daily: Shrooming In Late Capitalism: The Way Of The Truffle
  6. A Blog Around The Clock: Circadian Rhythm of Aggression in Crayfish
  7. A Blog Around The Clock: Co-Researching spaces for Freelance Scientists?
  8. A Blog Around The Clock: Defining the Journalism vs. Blogging Debate, with a Science Reporting angle
  9. A Blog Around The Clock: The Shock Value of Science Blogs
  10. A Blog Around The Clock: Why social insects do not suffer from ill effects of rotating and night shift work?
  11. A Blog Around The Clock: Yes, Archaea also have circadian clocks!
  12. Adventures in Ethics and Science: How does salt melt snails?
  13. Adventures in Ethics and Science: SVP Ethics Education Commitee statement: lessons learned from ‘Aetogate’
  14. Adventures in Ethics and Science: The Hellinga Retractions (part 1): when replication fails, what should happen next?
  15. Adventures in Ethics and Science: The Hellinga Retractions (part 2): when replication fails, what should happen next?
  16. AK’s Rambling Thoughts: Wiring the Cell for Power
  17. Ambivalent Engineer: Insulating the pool
  18. Astroblog: Galileos’ DNA, and different forms of Blindness
  19. Back Reaction: The Variational Principle
  20. Bad Astronomy: A tiny wobble reveals a massive planet
  21. Bad Astronomy: …but how do we recover from Jenny McCarthy?
  22. Bad Astronomy: Science IS Imagination
  23. Bad Astronomy: Ten Things You Don’t Know About Hubble
  24. Bioephemera: Art vs. Science, Part Two: You want raw data? You can’t handle raw data!
  25. Bioephemera: For the last time: that “Twitter is Evil” paper is not about Twitter!
  26. Bioephemera: Jared Diamond hides behind the “it wasn’t science” defense
  27. Bioephemera: Science journalism: don’t forget the editors
  28. Cardiobrief: Comment: If prasugrel is delayed, who is to blame?
  29. Cardiobrief: JAMA editors take strong stance against conflict of interest and free speech
  30. Central & Science: Hey Burt’s Bees, Who’re You Callin’ Ugly?
  31. Central & Science: When Chemistry Was Swell
  32. Chemjobber: Critiquing the LA Times Sangji article, etc.
  33. Cocktail Party Physics: A Nation Of Winers
  34. Cocktail Party Physics: A Spark In The Dark
  35. Cocktail Party Physics: Crosstown Traffic
  36. Cocktail Party Physics: For Whom The Bells Toll
  37. Cocktail Party Physics: Science, politics, and getting it wrong
  38. Cocktail Party Physics: Stradivari’s Secret
  39. Cocktail Party Physics: The Universe Makes A Lotta Gas
  40. Cocktail Party Physics: They Like To Move It, Move It
  41. Cognitive Daily: Guys on dates want to know: Is it really impossible to ignore an attractive face?
  42. Cognitive Daily: One more way video games might be good for you
  43. Computing Intelligence: Animal Intelligence Continued
  44. Cosmic Variance: Have a Thermodynamically Consistent Christmas
  45. Cosmic Variance: What Will the LHC Find?
  46. Cosmic Variance: Rules for Time Travelers
  47. Daylight Atheism: The Age of Wonder
  48. Daylight Atheism: Bands of Iron
  49. Dot Physics: Physics of Fantastic Contraption I
  50. Erik’s Blog: Distance to the Horizon
  51. E’s Flat, Ah’s Flat Too: Indus: What did Rao Really Do?
  52. Expression Patterns: A Squishy Topic
  53. Expression Patterns: Last Saturday
  54. Florida Citizens for Science: Florida’s Greatest Menace: Introduction
  55. Florida Citizens for Science: Florida’s Greatest Menace V: Brainwashing Students
  56. Florida Citizens for Science: Florida’s Greatest Menace VI: Misconceptions, misinterpretations and misinformation
  57. Gene Expression: Genetic variation in space & time – Iceland
  58. Gene Expression: How Ashkenazi Jewish are you?
  59. Gene Expression: Inbreeding & the downfall of the Spanish Hapsburgs
  60. Gene Expression: The ancient origins of African pygmies
  61. Genetic Future: Is a personal genome sequence worth $350,000?
  62. Green Gabro: How Gay Marriage Causes Earthquakes
  63. Hot Topic: Monckton & the case of the missing Curry
  64. I Was Lost But Now I Live Here: Corpus callosum: 1st edition of open science round-up
  65. In the Dark: A Unified Quantum Theory of the Sexual Interaction
  66. In The Pipeline: Genes to Diseases: Hard Work, You Say?
  67. In The Pipeline: Floppiness is not Your Friend: Who Knew
  68. In The Pipeline: Ten Years After: The Genomics Frenzy
  69. In The Pipeline: Things I Won’t Work With: Triazadienyl Fluoride
  70. In The Pipeline: Your Paper Is A Sack Of Raving Nonsense. Thank You.
  71. It’s Only a Theory: Obviously plenty of philosophers use history as a source in philosophy of science
  72. It’s Only a Theory: The cult of contingency and the Future of the history and philosophy of science
  73. Laelaps: Getting to know “Ida”
  74. Laelaps: Repost: The Tragedy of Saartje Baartman
  75. Laelaps: Poor, poor Ida, Or: “Overselling an Adapid”
  76. Laelaps: The “Million-Dollar Pig’s-Tooth Mystery”
  77. Mauka to Makai: Baby-Making
  78. Mauka to Makai: Do Whales Have Ears?
  79. Mauka to Makai: SHARK! (ahem, shark?)
  80. Mauka to Makai: The Ocean’s Big pHat Problem
  81. Minerva’s Howl: Pinker on Violence, then and now…
  82. My Genes and Me: Journey to My Genes
  83. Nano-hybrids: The excitement of a scientist from balls and sticks
  84. Nano-hybrids: Difficult nanotechnology decisions
  85. Neurophilosophy: Voluntary amputation and extra phantom limbs
  86. Neurotopia: Depression Post 4: The Serotonin Theory (and why it’s probably wrong)
  87. Neurotopia: The Serotonin System and All that Goes With it
  88. Neurotopia: The Value of Stupidity: are we doing it right?
  89. NeuroWhoa!: Believer Brains Different from Non-Believer Brains?
  90. Observations of a Nerd: A Marine Biologist’s Story
  91. Observations of a Nerd: Having Some Fun With Evolution
  92. Observations of a Nerd: The End of the Age of Man?
  93. Observations of a Nerd: Why I am not a Darwinist, but we should celebrate Darwin Day
  94. Open Parachute: Human Morality I: Religious confusion
  95. Open Parachute: Human Morality II: Objective morality
  96. Open Parachute: Human Morality III: Moral intuition
  97. Open Parachute: Human Morality IV: Role of religion
  98. Open Parachute: Human Morality V: The secular conscience
  99. Professor Astronomy: The Copernican Principle
  100. Quantum Bayesian Networks: PageRank – How Google used Statistics to Change the World
  101. Respectful Insolence: One more time: Vaccine refusal endangers children
  102. Science After Sunclipse: Reverse the Baryon Flux Polarity!
  103. Science After Sunclipse: The Necessity of Mathematics
  104. Science of Running: Smell This!
  105. Science-based Medicine: 2009: Shaping up to be a really bad year for antivaccinationists
  106. Science Based Medicine: Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends, part II
  107. Science Made Cool: Failure is in the Eye of the Beholder
  108. Science Made Cool: Natural History at the Time of Darwin’s Birth
  109. Science, Why Not: Language is Culture and Culture is Language
  110. Science, Why Not: Niche partitioning in orb-weaver spiders of Louisiana
  111. Science, Why Not: Review of Mark B. Tappan’s “Language, Culture, and Moral Development: A Vygotskian Perspective”
  112. Science, Why Not: The development of the agricultural systems used by the Attini tribe over the past 50 million years
  113. Simostronomy: Gomez’s Hamburger-Want Fries With That?
  114. Simostronomy: Hubble Sees Toast
  115. Simostronomy: Polaris
  116. Simostronomy: The Remarkable Bobbie Vaile
  117. Simostronomy: The Simonsen T-M Diagram
  118. Skulls in the Stars: Levitation and diamagnetism, or: LEAVE EARNSHAW ALONE!!!
  119. Skulls in the Stars: Michael Faraday, grand unified theorist? (1851)
  120. Skulls in the Stars: Mr. Faraday goes wild — with atomic speculation! (1844)
  121. Skulls in the Stars: Optics in the Haunted Mansion!
  122. Skull in the Stars: The gallery of failed atomic models, 1903-1913
  123. Southern Fried Science: A curious case of convergent evolution?
  124. Southern Fried Science: The ecological disaster that is dolphin safe tuna
  125. Southern Fried Science: The Serpent and the Platypus
  126. Starts With a Bang: The Camera that Changed the Universe: Part 1
  127. Starts With a Bang: The Camera that Changed the Universe: Part 5
  128. Starts With a Bang: The LHC, Black Holes and You
  129. Stinky Journalism: Jared Diamond’s Factual Collapse
  130. Tetrapod Zoology: Passerine birds fight dirty, a la Velociraptor
  131. Tetrapod Zoology: The small, recently extinct, island-dwelling crocodilians of the south Pacific
  132. The Artful Amoeba: Moss That Swings Both (All?) Ways
  133. The Chem Blog: Chemistry: Exploding shit at the nano scale
  134. The Chem Blog: More Christmas from the lab ideas
  135. The Chem Blog: This month in JACs history
  136. The Intersection: Singled Out
  137. The Loom: Dawn of the Picasso Fish
  138. The Loom: Science Held Hostage
  139. The Mousetrap: Major conscious and unconscious processes in the brain: part 4: the easy problem of A-consciousness
  140. The Neurocritic: Intersex (for lack of a better word)…
  141. The Neurocritic: Mirror Neurons Control Hard-ons?
  142. The Neurocritic: The Neurology of Twitter
  143. The Neurocritic: Voodoo Correlations in Social Neuroscience
  144. The Primate Diaries: Male Chauvinist Chimps or the Meat Market of Public Opinion?
  145. The Primate Diaries: Rivalry Among the Reefs
  146. The Primate Diaries: Superorganisms and Group Selection
  147. The Science Babe: The Physics of High Heels
  148. The Spacewriter’s Ramblings:Mass Holes
  149. The Tree of Life: Elsevier, fake medical journals, and yet another reason for #openaccess
  150. Tomkow: Blackburn, Truth and other Hot Topics
  151. Tom Paine’s Ghost: Dr. Temple Grandin
  152. Tom Paine’s Ghost: Nikola Tesla
  153. Tom Paine’s Ghost: The Darwin/Lincoln Coincidence
  154. Totally Synthetic: Eudesmane Terpense
  155. Uncertain Principles: Everything Is Relative in the Magic Closet
  156. Uncertain Principles: We Are Science
  157. Underverse: Everything That Is The Case
  158. Underverse: Refuting “It,” Thus
  159. Unitary Flow: Smooth Quantum Mechanics
  160. Unitary Flow: Smooth Quantum Mechanics: 4.The Video
  161. Unitary Flow: The Counterintuitive Time: 1. Time and Determinism
  162. Unitary Flow: The Illusion of Center
  163. Unitary Flow: The Spinning Dancer’s Mystery
  164. Way: Implementing Fantasy Science Funding
  165. Way: The journal scope in focus — putting scholarly communication in context
  166. Weird Things: Plugging into Black Holes
  167. What’s New: Sailing into the wind, or faster than the wind
  168. What’s New: The Black-Scholes equation
  169. WhirledView: Prairie
  170. World of Psychology: Top Ten Online Psychology Experiments
  171. World of Weird Things: What Makes a Planet Habitable?

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