PanEuropean Picnic Redux: presented by Extremely Hungary and Pen World Voices Festival

Picnic_promo_image For those in NYC, there is a commemoration of the Pan European Picnic in DUMBO this Sunday.

Pack your picnic basket and blanket and take the family to Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park in DUMBO to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Pan-European Picnic, the seminal event at the Austrian-Hungarian border that helped bring down the Berlin Wall and end communism in Europe. We will be having the picnic rain or shine. A tent will be provided.


K. Anthony Appiah, President, PEN American Center


Michael R. Meyer, Newsweek's Eastern Europe correspondent in 1989, author of the upcoming “The Year that Changed the World”

Eszter Babarczy, historian and journalist, professor of media & culture at Moholy-Nagy University of Arts

Georg Hoffmann-Ostenhof, journalist, Editor-in-Chief Dept. Foreign Policy, Profil magazine

Alexander Wind, original Picnic organizer, former Middle School director of St. Margarethen