Josh Freese: Since 1972

Josh Freese is a permanent member of A Perfect Circle, The Vandals, and Devo, and was the drummer for Nine Inch Nails from late 2005 until late 2008. He has released an album on the internet which is interestingly priced: you can pay from $7.00 to $75,000.00 for it, and it comes with different things depending on the price. Here's what Josh says:

220px-Joshfreesehimself So, I'm happy to report that my 2nd record (SINCE 1972) is finally about to come out. I've been waiting for this day for a while now. It's a great feeling to have stopped procrastinating, made the time to finish it, realized I was just going to put it out myself and (with the help of some great friends) got it done and now finally releasing it!

It's liberating and scary doing something like this on your own, especially when you're not sure how big your audience is and who is going to care. It's also liberating and scary realizing that possibly very few may care or buy the damn thing! I'm just relieved that I completed it, took the measures to get it out and now it can be available for anyone that may want to hear it. All I can hope for is someone to buy the $7 digital download or $15 CD/DVD and I make back some of the $$ I spent making it over the past few years.

I'm not expecting to sell any of those ridiculously priced packages but I sure did get a lot of good press and attention to the fact that I'm putting out a record because of it! Mission accomplished. We'll see what happens.

AND if someone does pay to take my station wagon or have me join their band or go to PF Changs with 'em…… we'll then, we'll do it! It's a prank that isn't a prank. Make sense? Like… it's for real but I'll be surprised if anyone buys any of the real expensive ones, ya know? I'll keep ya posted on which ones sell and you better believe that I'll film all that stuff and end up editing together something to release on the internet.

Any-hoo, to those who purchase a copy of SINCE 1972 “thank you and I hope you like it.”

Check out the different packages (and buy one!) here. A free song is also available for download.