the great Péter Nádas explains some deep shit


Trust in financial matters and politics is not a local narrative, yet it has hardly anything common with the universal one. I might say that over the past twenty years the deficit of trust in capitalism and democracy has grown significantly and in parallel. What makes it more difficult to understand the source of this deficit of trust is that the causes of the financial crisis and the disenchantment with politics are not identical in old and new democracies. The same anti-capitalist or neo-liberal statements have a different meaning and completely different consequences in Paris and in Budapest. We have to grab these terms by the neck in all their formal identity, by means of their dictionary form so to speak, in order to see clearly the levels on which a fundamental link exists between different uses of language, as well as the different directions they take as a result of the differences in meaning, or the processes that are taking place mutually, with both the old and new democracies unknowingly generating problems because of mutual misunderstandings.

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