Pangasius is our nature


“You are looking at our virtue,” he says.

After a quick speedboat ride across the Mekong River, Khon directs me to a square pond. On Khon’s signal, a boatman shovels dime-size pellets into the water. A few dimples dot the surface. A splash here and there. Then, as if the entire pond is moving to engulf the skiff, the water erupts into a froth, drenching the boatman and showering those of us on shore. The pond is almost more fish than water. Two-foot-long creatures, gray on top, white on bottom, with faces resembling a slightly dimwitted “Star Wars” character, interlock and wriggle. Appraising the fish, you might feel that the motto for Bianfishco, the company for which Khon works — “Pangasius is our nature”— is slightly creepy. Khon smiles broadly, though, for the roaring of the feeding frenzy is literally the sound of money earning interest.

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