Tuesday Poem

The Tao Te Ching –Verses 4-6
Lao Tzu

Tao’s a bottomless well
ever used, never drawn down

Call it eternal no thing ness
an infinite no thing filled with all
a void of countless possibilities

Tao is hidden on our face
under our nose

What made Tao is older than God
what made it, who knows?

Tao has no bias
it’s even-handed with evil and good
The wise resemble Tao in this way
they deal with whatever Tao brings

Tao is infinitely like a bellows
—hollow within, but useful
The more you empty it, the better it works

The more you take it apart with talk
the harder it is to know it whole
and to make it blow

Don’t wander from it’s center

Tao is the Great Mother
empty as a seed and infinitely as fertile
It gives inexhaustible fruit

It is always within you
You can use it any way you want

Interpretation by R. Bob