Jennifer Ouellete’s Top Ten at the World Science Festival

Jen2 Over at Cocktail Party Physics, Jennifer gives a top 10 list of events at the World Science Festival so that I don’t have to:

So, yesterday I was chatting with my pal Lee Kottner (personal stylist to Jen-Luc Piquant, and an occasional guest blogger at the cocktail party), who lives in New York City, and I asked her which of the myriad of events she was planning to attend at the upcoming World Science Festival. Her response: “Festival? There’s a science festival?”

Hell, yeah, there’s a World Science Festival! It takes place May 29 through June 1, and it is going to be teh awesome. It worries me that Lee, of all people, hadn’t yet heard of it, because she’s pretty plugged into that sort of thing. Time to get the word out people! Alas, I will not be able to attend the festival personally, but here’s my Top Ten list of the events I would be attending, if I lived anywhere within easy driving (or Amtrak/subway/bus) distance of NYC (and could split myself into multiple clones since many of them directly conflict with each other). You can see a complete schedule of all events here; there’s even a blog.

1. Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives, Thursday, May 29th, 6 – 8:30 PM, The Paley Center for Media. Any fans of the multiverse out there?