Wednesday Poem


Tony Hoagland

In autumn, Operation Enduring Freedom commenced,
which some party-poopers wanted to nickname
Operation……….Infinite Self-Indulgence.
We tied flags to the antennae of our cars
that snapped like fire when we drove.

In winter there was Operation Gentle Sledge-Hammer,
which seemed linguistically a little underdigested,
but we lined up squads of second-graders
…… stand at attention while we beat a drum.

Let me make it clear that I was
as doubtful as anyone about Operation Racial
But I loved Operation Religious Suspicion,

which led to Operation Eye For An Eye,
which was succeeded by Operation Helping Hand;
—Let me tell you that was a scary-looking hand!
But that was also a very successful operation.

Someday you will required to perform a terrible
in order to save yourself,
……………….but save yourself for what?

That would be a question for Operation
Self-Examination to answer,
which is a very painful operation
performed without anesthesia
in a naked room full of shadows and light.

Perhaps I might suggest, instead,
Operation Self-Medication, or Operation Endless
In the meantime Operation Collateral Amnesia
is running very smoothly.
When it is over we want to cal it Operation One Big
Is that okay with you?