Toil and Trouble… Stories of Experiments Gone Wrong

Eventimage In parallel with the World Science Festival is this event, Thursday, May 29th:

The Moth at Symphony Space

In a special event that throws a uniquely personal spotlight on the working lives of scientists, Nobel Laureates and other renowned scientists take to the stage to tell stories about heroic failures, miscalculations and experiments gone wrong.

This captivating evening of live stories is presented in partnership with New York’s extraordinary storytelling collective The Moth. In keeping with Moth traditions, each story must be true, must be told live, and must be told in ten minutes. During its ten-year history, The Moth has sold out every show – bringing more than 2,000 live stories to over 60,000 audience members.

    • Lucy Hawking                   

      Lucy Hawking is a journalist and the author of several novels. With her father, the physicist Stephen Hawking, she has written George’s Secret Key to the Universe, a children’s adventure featuring the mysteries of physics, science and the Universe.