On Hindu Nationalism and the Hindu Students Council

Bhagatsingh Borderless nationalisms seem norm of the era.  The Campaign to Stop Funding Hate has released this report, on the Hindu Students Council. From the preface:

To continue CSFH’s positive engagement with local HSC chapters and its membership who have remained unaware of the National HSCs connections with the violent Hindutva movement. CSFH believes that this generation of Indian-American youth would not willingly or knowingly participate in politics that supports or affirms violence in the name of religion or nation. Unlike the National HSC, we feel that local HSC chapter can be engaged in lively, strong discussions, discussions that will enrich us all and make us more aware of the political and social implications of our actions – even actions that we think are not “political” but simply express our urge to nurture our identity or learn about our heritage.

To continue to question the National HSC on its deep, long-standing connections with the Sangh Parivar [Hindu organizations built around the extreme nationalist RSS], and its use of the large majority of its unsuspecting members to further the Sangh Parivar’s agenda of hate.

[H/t: Linta Varghese]