The Long Awaited Return of Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar_galactica_630px Over at Wired (warning: spoiler alert, in article):

And then there was one. After Battlestar Galactica revealed the identities of four of the show’s “final five” human-looking Cylons at the end of Season 3, theories about the last “skin job” burned in fans’ brains.

Season 4 of SciFi Channel’s re-imagined Galactica begins with even more questions and “what the frak?” moments, and few actual answers about where the show is headed in its final season.

The Cylon revelations in the psychedelic Season 3 finale reinforced the big ideas about religion, war and what it means to be human that have made Battlestar Galactica the smartest science-fiction series on television. The Season 4 opener explores the same brainy terrain.

Galactica‘s unflinching parallels to current events in Iraq — and executive producers Ronald D. Moore’s and David Eick’s skill at crafting meticulously orchestrated cliffhangers — earned the show a prestigious Peabody Award in 2006 and have made it SciFi’s highest-rated original series to date.

There’s a reason for all the accolades: Galactica is top-tier sci-fi television, as gritty and engaging as anything on HBO or at the multiplex. got a sneak peek at “He That Believeth in Me,” the first episode of Season 4, and offers this (mostly) spoiler-free first look at what to expect when Galactica returns today for its final season.