On Being Expelled from Expelled

Richard Dawkins and PZ Meyers discuss their trip to the screening of Ben Stein’s documentary defending intelligent design, Expelled.

Sean Carroll discusses the incident over at Cosmic Variance:

When Chris [Mooney] and Matt [Nisbet] talk to the PZ/Dawkins crowd, they do a really bad job of understanding and working within the presuppositions of their audience — exactly what framing is supposed to be all about. To the Framers, what’s going on is an essentially political battle; a public-relations contest, pitting pro-science vs. anti-science, where the goal is to sway more people to your side. And there is no doubt that such a contest is going on. But it’s not all that is going on, and it’s not the only motivation one might have for wading into discussions of science and religion.

There is a more basic motivation:  telling the truth.