Okay, No Audio Ads!

Dear Readers,

Thanks so much for all the comments with great ideas, encouragement, and feedback. Forty-eight percent of those who took the survey said a flat-out “No” to the audio ads idea (and I have to sheepishly admit, I was one of them!), and many in the comments gave good reasons why such ads would be too intrusive and just generally irritating. We have a good thing going here, and trust me, we have no intention of Fruitbowl150screwing it up. So, no audio ads!!!

We will not have pledge drives or institute subscriptions either (at least for now, never say never, right?). We might have a bit more advertising in the right-hand column. We will figure out a way to keep going. (I gotta’ get more paid writing gigs!) Don’t worry, we’re going nowhere. But if you occasionally feel like making a small donation as a token of your appreciation, that’d be great!

Thanks for being so supportive. I think we have the smartest, most thoughtful, most civil, loveliest readers in the world, and we appreciate you at least as much as you do us!

I awoke at 5 am out of excitement this morning as I am about to go pick up Robin from the Brixen train station here in the Sudtirol. He is coming for a three day visit via South Africa, and we have much to do and see (and cook and eat) so be ready, Azra and Morgan, to take up the slack!

Thanks again.