Easy Listening Acid Trip

If you decide to follow Robin’s prescription for sanity (see 2nd post below), here’s some stuff to listen to. Compiled by George Petros:

Over the course of 13 years I collected the tracks comprising this compilation. Most came from LPs and 8-Tracks that I found in thrift stores and at garage sales all across America. Some came from the LP collections of Joseph Lanza, author of Elevator Music; Steven Blush, author of American Hardcore; Athan Maroulis, proprietor of Stardust Records; and the illustrator Jim Blanchard. Some came from various Lounge-style CDs issued in the mid-90s.

I edited tracks in Peak on a G4. There was no “cleaning up” of the sound; I eliminated only the most blatant scratches and pops. Although many tracks came from beat-up vinyl, or from fragile 8-Tracks, or from umpteenth-generation cassettes, or from out-of-print budget CDs, the sound quality is generally good. Unfortunately, many songs didn’t make it in due to their damaged fidelity.

I was searching for druggy and/or exotic Pop songs reinterpreted by contemporaneous Easy Listening artists, from 1966 through 1971. A few compositions herein pre-date that era, but the performers presented them in the pseudo-psychedelic style of the day.


Go here to listen.