Bhutto’s niece wants end to ‘dynastic’ politics

Frederik Pleitgen at CNN:

Screenhunter_5She said her main political goal is to empower Pakistan‘s largely disenfranchised masses and end what she calls the perpetual cycle of “dynastic” cronyism.

What her role would be in making that happen remains the great unknown.

“What I think we need to do is open the field,” said Fatima Bhutto, who went to college in the United States and graduate school in England. “It has to stop being this autocratic, dynastic environment. … When that day comes and this happens — that we have an open field — if there’s a way for me to serve this country, then I would be proud to.”

Until then, she said, she exerts her power from her writing. Fatima Bhutto is a successful columnist, author and poet; a staunch critic of Pervez Musharraf‘s government. And though her name would probably propel her to the highest levels of Pakistani politics almost instantly, she said that won’t happen anytime soon.

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