Rodrik’s One Economics, Many Recipes: A Crooked Timber Seminar

Crooked Timber is hosting a seminar on the book:

Dani Rodrik’s new book, One Economics, Many Recipes: Globalization, Institutions and Economic Growth ( Powells, Amazon ) is a major contribution to debates on globalization, economic development and free trade. It brings together much of his existing work bringing together an important critique of the Washington Consensus with positive suggestions about how best to encourage economic growth, and how to build a global system of rules that can accommodate diverse national choices. We’re pleased and happy that both Dani and several other guests have agreed to participate in a new Crooked Timber seminar.

Daniel Davies, Dan Drezner, Henry Farrell, Jack Knight, Adam Przeworski, John Quiggin, Mark Thoma, David Warsh and Dani Rodrik offer their insights.