From lensculture.com:

Dove_1 The seeds of Observance began then, with a suspicion that a powerful image is capable of connecting people across time and space in a way that is visceral and real. Religions have tapped into this possibility. Throughout history imagery has played an important role in many faiths. Often, followers of a faith possess an image of their leader, their guru, or their teacher. They have them in their homes, on their altars, or tattered in a wallet. In countries where certain forms of religion are not tolerated, such as Tibet, to possess such an image can put one’s life at risk.

Why do people put such faith in the power of a photograph? What does this kind of image hold that is so precious? Observance raises these questions, and explores how a sense of connection is created through the directness of contact that an image can provide, particularly with the sitter gazing out of the image.

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