Mother donates frozen eggs to daughter

From Nature:

Eggs A seven-year-old girl in Canada might one day give birth to her genetic half-sibling. The girl’s mother has donated her own eggs to give the child, who was born with a disease that affects her ovaries, the chance to have children of her own. Melanie Boivin, a 35-year-old lawyer from Montreal, secured legal permission for the move after realizing that her daughter, Flavie, could not have children without donor eggs. Flavie has Turner syndrome, a rare condition in which one of the X chromosomes is missing, causing ovaries to malfunction.

The unprecedented legal agreement means that the eggs could remain frozen for 20 years, until Flavie decides to start a family of her own. If she uses the eggs and has a successful pregnancy, the resulting baby will be her half-sister or -brother. Mothers have previously acted as surrogates for their daughters, giving birth to their own grandchildren.

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