Moore at his feverish best in hilarious, sobering ‘Sicko’

From The Boston Globe:

Sicko Man of the people or America ‘s very own Great Satan? Wherever you stand, you have to admit Michael Moore has a gift for making a point. Perhaps that’s understating the matter. When the celebrated (and reviled) filmmaker pulls up in a fishing boat outside the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay and announces via bullhorn, “I have three 9/11 rescue workers! They just want medical attention! The same you’re giving Al-Qaeda !,” we are witnessing a master gadfly at the top of his game. Whether we can’t breathe because we’re laughing too hard or because we feel like we’ve been punched in the gut is moot.

“Sicko” is Moore’s best, most focused movie to date — much more persuasive than the enraged and self-righteous “Fahrenheit 9/11 ” — and not just because the director turns the dial down on his own faux-folksy persona. Moore has a thesis he can get his arms around this time. Resolved: The US health-care system is a disaster, built to punish the sick and enrich corporations. Other countries do it better — a lot better. Why is that, and how do we change? It’s only on the last point that Moore falters.

More here. (I saw the movie yesterday and my conclusion: it is every American’s civic duty to rush to the nearest theater and see it.)